Write your business plan the easy way.
Complete simple building-block tools which combine to provide content for your plans. Each one focuses on an important aspect of your business.

Use the Discovery Platform tools to think properly about your business.

Intuitive, bite-sized modules allow you to concentrate on the detail and let us manage the big picture. Information entered in one tool is cascaded to other tools to keep your plans consistent.
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Get a grip on what you will sell, how many you need to sell, to whom and how your business will grow.

Discovery Platform tools will help you build a picture of your best customers and focus your marketing on the correct demographic. Use the market research questionnaire, tailored for your business, to understand your target market and what opportunities really exist.

Analyse and understand who or what could get in your way and create strategies to combat your competitors, your weaknesses and business risks.

Truly understand your strengths, weaknesses, the potential partners you need in your corner for better success, your finances, competitors, risks, and opportunities.

Define the big steps you need to take for success.

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The Marketing, Financial and Business Plan tools take your existing information, add to it and produce the contents for full, properly considered plans. Create and download Microsoft Word versions that you can then adjust manually and present to others.
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The current list of interactive and inter-linked tools available right now. We continue to add new tools to this series so that your business plan is the best it can be.

Sales Forecast
Cost Calculator
People Planner
Stakeholder Analysis
Risk Analysis
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Aptitude Compass - diagnostic
Competence Radar - diagnostic
Learning Styles - diagnostic
Competitor Analysis
Market Research Questionnaire
Customer Personas
Strategy Big Steps
Action Plan
Risk Profile - diagnostic
Intangible Assets - diagnostic
Marketing plan
Financial plan
Business plan
Complete the tools which build the cube and then print a 3D version.

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Work through the tools, track progress and see the way your information links to form a joined-up business proposition. As you complete a tool, the next tool becomes available and uses the information you entered previously to eliminate any repeated data input. The resulting financial, marketing and business plans automatically summarise and draw charts to visualise your information clearly.

We offer a free preview of all the tools, just sign up for your account and get started.

Once you have an account, you can work on your plans from any device, wherever you are.

Download a market research questionnaire tailored to your business, and export your final plans to Word. Complete the diagnostics to get a better sense of who you are and how you will cope with running your own business.

Invite other people, such as a mentor or adviser, to view your business ideas and plans.

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Use the tools with your clients
If you manage entrepreneurship programs, use these tools to enhance learning and build consistent plans. Save time and money during the application, review and selection processes by ensuring that all applications you receive have the same format and contain the same level of information allowing you to compare and decide properly.

Enable your mentors or advisers to work with clients online to build and refine their business thinking and plans, encourage learning and increase business success.

Teams can use the tools together to build their plans collaboratively, with the manager guiding the process and results along the way.

Embed the tools on your web site for free to allow your visitors to better understand business planning and to help increase your web traffic and visitor retention.

Set the standard for business plan quality and design.

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About us
The Discovery Platform team consists of successful entrepreneurs with backgrounds in corporate and business consultancy, personal development, small business and engineering. We have worked with large and small businesses, academia and non-profit organisation, across many cultures and in many different countries.  

We bring our wide experience to you in this suite of inter-connected business tools.