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Please contact us if you are interested about other possible ways to use the Discovery Platform tools.
Full embedded suite
Use the full suite of 17 Discovery Platform tools (including 3 not available individually: Cost Calculator, People Analysis, and Action Plan). Features as above for individual tools plus "shared data"; Data entered into one tool by your visitor is available in other tools to form a "joined up" process.
Team use
Create a manager account which can define the team members, send invitations, compile reports and manage the selected tool. The team can then be guided through a business planning journey, moving from one tool to the next in a logical sequence to finish with completed business plan document(s).
Use the full Discovery Platform (20 tools) to run your programs and provide a guided, consistent learning journey for your clients. All tools are available including the Marketing, Financial and Business plans with export to Word. Save data on our servers to allow your clients to access their information on any device and for you to report on progress. Your advisors and mentors can logon and access their client records to provide in-context support.
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Discovery Maps for Business
A series of physical maps, each representing a different aspect of the business. The maps are used to design, define and decide on a business strategy and plans. By following the simple instructions, players work as a team or on their own to refine their initial ideas, run scenarios and assess the challenges.


Value Based Business Planning
Value-based design is a new approach for business strategy. This book looks at businesses in terms of the value they create and trade rather than focusing solely on money and takes the reader on a journey of exploration via a series of bite-sized visual tools.

This book provides simple, step-by-step guides to building a sustainable organization and offers over 90 ideas for your business. While many of the case studies and examples are from the social sector, the principles and exercises apply equally to any small or large business.

Personal Ambition Workbook
A graphical workbook which leads you through the nine aspects of you, your world and your barriers. The questions are carefully designed to make you think, while the maps provide a visual template to record your answers.